About us


We make our used car exports. Covers a number of high-quality domestically produced vehicles.

We do our job professionally, so it is unnecessary for you to dispatch laborers to Japan. We believe that our relationships with our customers are very important. Therefore, we look forward to building long-term trustful relationships. We think about the global environment and contribute to promoting widespread distribution of used parts that are eco-friendly.
Business name Sayu Inc.
Address 166-7 Shindo,Yanagida,Yokote City,Akita,Japan. 013-0054
Contact information Tel:+81-182-33-2627 Fax:+81-182-35-1125
Establishment April 1996
President Yuki Sato
Capital 30 million yen
Bank Akita Bank
Business ・Used car parts,Rebuilt Parts,wholesale import parts

・Industrial waste collection, transportation industry

・Freon Recovery Operations custody

・ELV Collection

・Automobile Dismantling

・Used car retailing


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